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Opinion on advertising.

1) Is advertising really important in our society? Why or why not?

In my opinion, advertising is really important in our society. Advertising can help people to make their choice. I can't really imagine our society without any adds. 

2) Is it easy to get away from advertising?

In my opinion, it is not easy to get away from advertising. Nowadays people can see different types of advertising everythere, for example in every street we can see billboards, on TV channels and on the Internet we are bombarded with advertisements all the time.

3) Do you agree that advertising affects people? Why or why not?

I agree that advertising affects people. It's not always positively being affected by advertising. Sometimes it can be realy annoying and morally bad, especially for small kids. 

4) If you were a company owner would you spend money on advertising? Why or why not?

If I were a company owner I would spend money on advertising. It can help me to sell my products on the market and persuade people to buy them.

5) Which adverts do you like most? Why?

As for me, I like nice billboards and celebrity endorsements most of all.

6) Which ads annoy you most? Why?

I can't stand advertisements of different events, for example, TV add of "Sochi 2014". It's really annoying, because it's everythere, in every place, in front of my eyes I see this olympiade. I can't run away from it and this fact annoy me most.

7) Do you usually shop around or do you buy the first product you find?

I usually buy the first product I find, because I don't have any time for shopping around.

8) Do you read product reviews before buying anything?

Sometimes I read product reviwes before buying something. When I really can not make my own choice, I read product reviwe and it always helps me to make my decision.

9) Do you check out prices and compare products on the Net?

As for me, I don't like online shopping. That's why I never check out prices and compare products on the Net.

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