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Ex. 4, p. 50.

1) Where do you think it is on the graph?

On the graph Russia is amited orange.

2) What health inequalities are there?

In Russian society people often see a social inequalities. For example, poor people have no money to pay for expensive treatment in privat hospitals, while the treatment in public hospitals is bad-quality. So, if you are russian and you are worry about your health, you must pay rather big money for good and high-quality treatment. 

3) What diseases could be prevented? How?

The most common serious diseases in Russia, in my opinion, are tuberculosis, liver disease and AIDS. They could be prevented through healthy lifestyle, regular exercises and check-ups.

4) What else could the government do to improve health? 

The government in Russia should propagate healthy lifestyle, especially for young generation. All TV commercials about alcohol, smoking and other harmful habits should be banned. 
Also I think, that the government must increase doctor's salary. Every doctor helps people and in some situations saves their lives. But if doctor's salary is low, in the future in Russia we will not have any good specialists. No one will work for a small salary and all young specialists will go abroad. That's why it is very important, because only through good theatment the government will improve citizen's health.

5) What can people do to improve their health?

People can do some simple, but important things: have healthy diet, do regular sport exercises, drink no alcohol and make regular check-ups.

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  1. Daria,
    1) What does 'amit' in 'On the graph Russia is amited orange.' mean?
    2) 'a social inequalities' - grammar mistake; a/an + sing. noun only
    3) spelling of the word 'private', nationality words are always capitalised - Russian, German, etc.
    4) a grammar mistake in Answer 3 - present simple form
    5) Answer 4: one doctor and his salary? a doctor's salary? one citizen?