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Questions 1,3 p. 42.

Look at the advert. What is being advertised? How do the advertisers make the product seem attractive?

In this picture we can see the advert about perfume "Chanel №5". The beautiful young woman attracts people's attention.
I think, that the gorgeous appearance of woman make the product seems attractive. Every woman want be attractive and desired for other people. This advert hints: if you buy this new perfume you will feel you like a queen.

What stereotypes can you see in current advertisements in your country?

In current advertisements in my country I can see a lot of different stereotypes, especially stereotypes about russian people and lifestyle. For example, in current advertisement about HD-TV "Trikolor" we can see a "typical" russian housewife: she looks slovenly, her hair is disheveled, and, by and large, her visage is unattractive. Her speech is the typical speech of illiterate person. Thereby in this advertisement we can see stereotype about russian housewifes.
The other example is current advertisement about alcohol. In Russia and abroad people definitely thinks that all russians are drunkards. I don't know why company owners support this stereotype and advertise their products in this way, but nowadays it is very popular. For example, in the billboard we can see the inscription: "You are russian and you don't like drink alcochol. Is it true?"

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  1. Well done, Dasha!
    But mind the following:
    1) article 'the' with objects/people you have already mentioned
    2) 'make smb + V smth'
    3) 'want + to + V
    4) Present simple form with 'every woman/ everyone etc.
    5) Russian, English and other nationality words are always Capitalised.
    6) changes in spelling for plural forms of the words ending in -f/fe: wolf - wolves; knife - knives; f->v. so, one wife - many ...?